Mailing address: P.O. Box 2674, Fairfax VA 22031

In-season phone: 703-323-9872

Our Board of Directors meets each month; any member may attend. Please review the Directors' duties and read Board Meeting Minutes.

President Kirsten Reddish
Major incidents and member inquiries

Vice President Janet Palfey
Guard issues, information, and help

Treasurer Bruce Waxman
Payroll, invoices, and payments

Secretary Elizabeth Brigham
Board meeting minutes and website information

Membership Director Wendy Wander
New/potential members, member inquiries, and snack passes

Social Chair Mark Gibson
Questions, suggestions, and feedback on social events

Volunteer Coordinator Greta Gosnell
Volunteer opportunities and credited hours

Operations Coordinators Amy Brown and Stephen Lorenzetty
Pool, building, and grounds maintenance issues

Media Coordinator Mark Gibson
Website, Facebook, Twitter, and entrance sign inquiries

Pavilion Coordinator Kim Waxman
Pavilion reservations and use questions
Reservations can be made online